SoarTriangle addresses the proven funding gap facing female entrepreneurs in North Carolina. SoarTriangle helps females leading scalable businesses raise capital through mentorship, strategic advice, and connections.

SoarTriangle is an active participant in the movement to increase awareness and help high-potential female-led businesses succeed. SoarTriangle attempts to address this funding gap with concrete actions that will support promising female entrepreneurs successfully raise the capital needed to scale their ventures.

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History of SoarTriangle

SoarTriangle launched in 2014 as a part of Google’s #40Forward initiative. This initiative provided a total of $1M to partner organizations who planned and executed programs to increase the representation of women in their start-up…

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Joining SoarTriangle

Soar companies can be based anywhere in NC, but will be expected to travel to Durham approximately twice a month for mentor meetings and community building events. Soar CEOs chosen to participate must be committed…

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The Funding Disparity

Securing funding outside of the major entrepreneurial hubs is challenging for all founders, but more acute for women. The data show that while women founders launch 20% of start-ups, they receive only 3% of venture…

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